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e-Sushrut is the C-DAC's Hospital Management Information System Solution, a technological initiative towards adapting & improving healthcare services at Govt. health facilities in India progressively. The solution is customizable according to the workflow at verities of health facilities, clinical care procedures & specialities. TS-eHMIS is the software customized according to the needs of Telangana State during the pilot project implementation held in 2014. This is an integrated clinical information system for improved patient health care and hospital administration. Medical records of patients will be generated electronically in compliance with Govt. of India's EHR-Standards 2016 and stores securely by adhering the data security norms of the government. These electronic health records could be utilized further to clinical research & statistical analysis purposes for the benefit of the society. The software facilities the hospital administration to streamline & generalize the treatment flows according to the clinical specialization and empowers the hospital workforce to perform to their peak ability in an optimized & efficient manner. It is modelled with unique features in combination of a patient centric & medical staff centric paradigm, thus provides benefits to both recipients and providers of healthcare. It helps in improving clinical care services and improved performance of government health facilities by reducing out of pocket expenditure to the patients.